Fiorentina 2 - Inter 2

The problem with watching a good game is that if your team doesn’t come away with the goods at the end of it, it’s hard to know how to feel at the end of it.

I felt like we had played a good game – with notable exceptions – but that we weren’t as sharp as we could have been. I thought that we were the protagonists and that we went forward well, which is why I had a problem with how to feel about this game. We, unlike many times in the last couple years, were able to go forward and pass the ball to break down a very decent opponent in a way that we hadn’t been able to in previous seasons.

We came away a little short. We could have lost this game – for about an hour we were losing this game – or we could have won it – which we were for about 2 minutes. But the draw isn’t a bad result to my mind. I know that there were several dissenting opinions on that. I think that it’s not a bad result because Fior is a good team with a lot of quality. We had chances, lot’s of chances, we hit the post – again – in the opening minutes, which I think is preferable to drawing and not having created those chances.

My Inter Player of the Game



Stats Home Team First

Shots (on Goal) 12(6) 21(4)
Fouls 20 10
Corner Kicks 8 4
Offsides 2 7
Time of Possession 40% 60%
Yellow Cards 5 2
Red Cards 0 0
Saves 2 4


We looked tired from the beginning. The passes weren’t sharp and the telepathy that Eto’o and Milito developed in the opening days of their partnership looked a little muddled. The shots were all wide or high – and this is beginning to piss me off – from way, way too far out. I have said this before, but when you have Milito and Eto’o standing or cutting into the penalty area… give them the ball before you launch a low percentage, ugly shot from 35 meters. I don’t care who is in the midfield, they are more clinical than you are.

Speaking of clinical, lets move on to Julio Cesar. Did he have a good game? No. Did he mess up once or twice? Yes. Did he cost us the 2 points? No he didn’t. Two points were lost because we couldn’t score when given opportunities to and because we couldn’t defend. When 1st or 2nd start of his career, 20 year old Whozits and Per Koldrup score on tap-ins, I don't consider that Cesar’s fault. Like I said, I think he had a bad game, but defenders who are competing the Semi-Finals of the Champions League and who want to win a Scudetto should put those two in their pockets, all due respect to those players, they are neither of them by any means prolific scoring machines. I wouldn’t be concerned if it was Jovetic, Gilardino or Montolivio.

Not that the forwards get to duck the rod. Milito had a diving header that bounced off the post, tripped over his own legs while alone in front of goal and Pandev looked like he could have used a preseason to get into condition to lift those heavy legs. Eto’o was criminally underused in this game both by the coaching staff and the players on the field. Eto’o should be option 1 or 2, not a distant 3rd to a 40 meter flyer on a goalkeeper the quality of Frey.

But that’s what happens when you are tired. You take longer shots because the effort of delicately and methodically passing through traffic is too much effort. You are less patient because your mind is less at peace. And we looked tired. I can only hope that there is some rotation on the horizon. This was the game that we could have used some rest for Milito and Cambiasso, I thought. The team that takes the field will go a long way to tell us how we are going to finish up these last 10 games of the season or so.



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