2011-2012 Season

Inter's 2011-2012 Serie A Season

Inter Critique


I am going to say right up front that this critique will favor Inter. I like a lot of things that are being done so far this summer and I have no problems saying it. I get that the Boo Birds are...

Lazio 3 - Inter 1, Odds and Ends


I wasn’t around for the second half as I had a Mother’s Day commitment, but my reaction as I checked the score before I left the house was telling. I left the game Inter up by one and making...

Lazio v Inter - Judgement Day Liveblog

With Manchester City winning in the fashion they did, whose to say something amazing like that won't happen for us. Come on boys! We believe! Calcio Gods, be kind and gentle. Lazio v Inter

News Dump and Lazio - Inter Preview

There are still lots of rumors circling regarding who will stay and who will go from the roster. A lot will depend on whether Inter makes the Champions League or not. Cuts will have to be much...

Mid Week Roundup


Lots of things to discuss this week now that the euphoria of winning the deby is over. Strama was confirmed, sort of. Someone, I can't remember who, had a great idea for a Player of the Season...

Inter 4 - Milan 2


There’s a lot of ground to cover this week so for sanity’s sake – what little I have left - I am only going to talk opinion on The Derby at this time. And while last game against Parma was less...

Inter v Milan - Liveblog

Come In! We're Open! Inter: 1 Julio Cesar; 13 Maicon, 6 Lucio, 25 Samuel, 55 Nagatomo; 4 Zanetti, 19 Cambiasso, 14 Guarin: 11 Alvarez, 10 Sneijder; 22 Milito.Substitutes: 12 Castellazzi, 2...

Parma 3 – Inter 1

There’s a lot of subtext that goes with this game, but there’s also not. The game was lost when the team made a mistake in the defensive third and then couldn’t recover to stem the tide. But in a...

Inter 2 – Cesena 1


There was a lot to like about this game in general. Inter used a lot of young guys in the lineup. Stramaccioni managed to make the nay-sayers look foolish again. He even, somehow did the...

Inter v Cesena - Liveblog

So tired... Inter: 12 Castellazzi; 13 Maicon, 6 Lucio, 23 Ranocchia, 55 Nagatomo; 14 Guarin, 19 Cambiasso; 20 Obi; 11 Alvarez, 10 Sneijder; 7 Pazzini.Subs: 21 Orlandoni, 2 Cordoba, 37 Faraoni, 18...

Udinese 1 – Inter 3

The number 3 is going to be incredibly important for these last few games. There are 3 points separating Inter from its goal of Champions League football. This build up to the end of the season...

Udinese v Inter - Liveblog

Come in. We're open! Udinese: 1 Handanovic; 17 Benatia, 5 Danilo, 11 Domizzi; 8 Basta, 66 Pinzi, 4 Pazienza, 20 Asamoah, 27 Armero; 83 Floro Flores; 10 Di Natale.Subs: 21 Padelli, 9 Barreto, 23...

Fiorentina 0 – Inter 0


There was a lot not to like on this last weekend's match day in general – and here I am looking at Ibra’s antics against Bologna and the Genoa game in its whole. But Inter’s lackluster performance...

Fiorentina v Inter: I'm-Still-Awake-LIVEBLOG

I've stayed awake after a night of copious alcohol consumption just to watch this match with you guys (I'm still drunk). So come in, grab a redbull, and find a stream because TODAY we must cheer...

Groundhog Day


With six games left to the season all that I see in the internet rumors and the "newspapers" is speculation on what Inter will do this summer. It’s been nearly impossible to speculate on anything...

Inter 2 – Siena 1


I really don’t want to make too much of this game other than this: we beat an opponent that we had no business losing to. Does that sound arrogant for a club that can’t seem to break out of...

Inter v Siena - Liveblog

One does not simply walk to Mordor Inter: 1 Julio Cesar; 4 Zanetti, 6 Lucio, 25 Samuel, 26 Chivu; 19 Cambiasso, 5 Stankovic, 20 Obi; 11 Alvarez, 22 Milito, 28 Zarate.Subs: 12 Castellazzi, 7...

Cagliari v Inter - Liveblog

Its never too early to watch Inter! (Just keep tell yourself that like I have been. Maybe you'd start to believe the lie...) Cagliari: 1 Agazzi; 14 Pisano, 13 Astori, 21 Canini, 31 Agostini; 20...

Inter 5 – Genoa 4


I was slightly dismayed at the line up of the first game under Stramaccioni. By the end of the first half I wasn’t at all. Not because of the score, though I was happy to see offensive output....

Inter - Genoa Liveblog

Belated, but isn't that the best way? Inter - Genoa FORZA INTER

What To Expect


The club had apparently reached critical mass: poor table standing + too old vets not performing + too young players in house not trusted + uncertainly with what /how much talent is worth what on...

The Old Inter Triple Play


It’s kind of funny really. And I mean that in a Ha-Ha way. The game, you know, the whole Derby d’Italia thing was so hyped up all over the place. There was the new stadium, all the choreography...

Juventus v Inter - Liveblog

Derby d' Italia time. Join me 15 minutes before the game to cheer on the boys as they take on the unbeaten Juventus! It should be a cracker! Juventus v Inter

Inter 0 – Atalanta 0


It seems like a loss doesn’t it? Well, it did to me. Less so now, since I have learned that of the 4 teams who are still in the "race" for some European Competition, 3 of them either lost or had a...

Inter v Catania: Last Home Game of the Season, Let's Party


Well, here we are, at the end of another season. This one hasn't ended quite how we all hoped it might last August, but given where we were last Christmas, it isn't nearly as bad as it could be. ...

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