Watch live Football in full HD people, NO JOKE!

Hey everyone!

Before you get to reading this post, I just want to warn you that I may come across as a shameless spam dude, but that's only because I am used to writing in that style thanks to Uni, so please forgive me in advance.

I have noticed that there are a lot of people who have trouble finding links to watch Inter's games live. Either they buffer too much or they don't work at all for a lot of us. I recently came across something that I am using to watch Football matches live and in HD. I think most people already know it but I still think it is necessary to put it out there for the ones who haven't heard of it yet.

It is Sopcast, and through this free service, you can watch a lot of live matches in full HD from all the different leagues. Now, I am not 100% sure if all Serie A games will work on it but I have been using it a lot lately and some of the streams have worked beautifully, namely the Derby della Madonnina, which I watched in HD with no lag or buffer from start to finish. Below are some steps you can follow in order to experience this for yourself. Give it a go if you can and let me know how its worked for you.

1) Go to the Sopcast website (google it) and download Sopcast and install it.

2) Visit: http://www(dot)livefootballol(dot)tv/streaming/channel/bloodzeed-hq-sopcast(dot)html and BOOKMARK IT!!

3) Click "Live Streaming" at the top.

4) Choose the game you want to watch.

5) In the new page that opens, scroll down until you see a small heading "live streaming". There will be a bunch of links under this, choose one and click.

6) In the new page that opens scroll down (or don't, depending on whether it is needed) until you see the heading "Sopcast Details". Underneath that you will see a mini-heading "link". Copy the url you see next to it.

7) Open your sopcast that you downloaded and installed, log in as anonymous, and paste that url into the address bar at the top and click the big blue arrow button next to it. The stream should start up from here. It might take some time sometimes.

So there you have it, my step by step guide to watching your favourite team play in full HD (hopefully) without buffering (except for the first 30 - 60 seconds or so). I really hope it works for you all, because I know how hard a time some people have finding streams that work and as a result end up missing out on watching their team play. Heck, I know I've missed out in the past myself. I just want to make sure all my fellow Interisti can watch the team play without disturbance, that way they deserve to.



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