Odds and Ends

This and that.

Inter Observations During the International Break


1. Is there going to be a resurgence of Cambiasso? I have been thinking about this for the first two games. Not because I think he’s found the fountain of youth, or that I think he’s in better...

News and Notes Ahead of Catania Clash


The transfer season is mercifully slowing down. The lack of available cash nationwide to dole out on transfers seems to only intensify the rabid, imaginary documentation that is oddly identified as...

Youth Project Resurrected?


Is it possible I was wrong?

What I Have Learned From Inter’s 3 Friendlies?


The 10 Commandments of Mazzarri – my interpretation, of course. Feel free to add your own.

The Talent Gap – Can We Compete?


I have been busy trying to make sense of my feelings about Inter this up coming season. As I have trying to come to terms I have been staying away from the comments sections of the articles because...

Updates at Pinzolo


A couple of things have changed at Interland since the last time I posted so I wanted to make sure that we are all aware of things. Youth forward Colombi has injured a shoulder and was forced to...

Inter and the Troublesome Right Wing


The incoming transfer season for Inter is almost over. In my inexpert opinion, there are just a few players left to bring in. There is the excellently named Dragovic, that everyone and their...

Rumors and Op-ed


pre transfer season rumors and op-ed

False Transfer Reported: Danilo to Inter


There was an inexplicable blurb out there on the internets that Inter had completed a transfer for Danilo, the controversial 29 year old defender from Udinese. The "news" was reported but when...

Internazionale Ticket Sales Up From Last Season


This is coming straight from Inter.it, link is here: When you tot it all up, the conclusion is that Nerazzurri season ticket holders remain just as fond of Inter and just as hopeful about the...

Duncan Sold to Juventus as Makeweight?


Weekend Roundup June 17

U21 Internazionale Homegrown Dream Team


What could be, on a future alternate Earth with an Inter that has a great front office...

Class Participation Grade - Defense


Vote a defender off the team

Arrivederci Offside... Buongiorno SB Nation


Moving day has finally come! Dont worry, it will be easy - no heavy boxes, no giant couches - just a quick redirect and we are there. Easy as pie. I dont know if you all remember but about a...

So Have We Learned Anything?


It’s been a weird few days of discovery for those of us who support the Blue and Black. I wonder if I was alone in hoping that the young guys wouldn’t get beaten too badly by the two other big...

The Dog Days of Summer


So retreat time is now over and the team had about ten days to work hard and get a concentrated time together. Considering all the wheeling and dealing being done in the marketplace, I have to say...

New Uniforms For 2012


These are never a big deal for me as long as they are black and blue vertical stripes. That being said, I like the classic-looking 2009/2010 uniform best of the modern era. Hey! Wait a minute!...

Living in Limbo


So, it's been a while. Sorry about the minivacation but real life teamed up with my work life and my family life to kick my ass from here to Timbuktu. Thankfully this is that limbo period that is...

Hey Guys, I'm Back!


That's right, I'm not actually dead... I was just otherwise indisposed for a while. Thanks to Dr. Rooney's Magic Spine Screws, I am just about as good as new and ready to get back to a normal...

Welcome to Year Zero


A team supporter in Italy is usually scared to death to hear that the team is starting a project over. I for one am actually kind of relieved. Something had to be done and with the young coach...

At This Point, It’s Not the Destination, It’s the Journey


Most of us have heard something close to that saying above, right? Despite Machiavelli’s princely mantra, the ends are just that, the ends, it’s the goal, the star in the sky that was wished on....

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