Defensive Angle: A Choice to be Made

Prior to facing Roma last weekend Inter had the second best defensive record in the league. A stand out performer has always been Campangaro, but it was not evident how much he really carried his...


The curious case of Inter's Striking Force

When i glanced over our roster during of the pre-season I remember shaking my head in disappointment. After all we only had four attackers, two of which are young prospects and the third is a 34...

The Roster Shrinks Even Further

Inter’s roster has been shrinking all summer as players leave on loan or returned to sender and it looks like there is going to be one more gone in the next coming weeks. Inter has been working...

Fredy Guarin - His Year of Do or Die

Last season was The Up and Down Year. At the start of November, Inter were a point off first place and in May it was 33. To my mind there was no player who exemplified that see saw year than Fredy...

Goalkeeper Photos put up a rare goalkeeper spread and I love watching keeper practice.

Mazzarri and Team Pictures

Today on there were several pics of Mazzarri being presented to the crowd and also of training. I thought I would share some of my favorites

Inter Channel Interview with Mbaye

Mbaye is one of the youngsters that I have a hard time understanding what the team wants to accomplish with him. On the Primavera he was a fullback on the left mostly, but there were times that he...

Shirt Number Changes for 2013-2014

Planning on buying a jersey? I would hold off on that for a while. There seems to be some number dose do going on at the club yesterday. This is from "Because 3 plus 3 is 6 and I wore 3,...

Juan Jesus Wants to Renegotiate

Juan Jesus has been at the club for a year and a half, and it's pretty safe to say that his value - both at home and abroad - has increased exponentially. When Inter bought his rights in Jan 2012...

More Baby Inter Players Out on Loan

Inter are building a small colony in first division Portugese team SC Olhanesnse. There are 2 players that are there on loan already, last season's walking wounded attacking midfielder Daniele...


Bardi and Benassi Sign Contracts and Then Go Away

Both young players, Bardi and Benassi, have signed contract extensions with Inter until June of 2017. Both players will be going out on loan for this season at least to Livorno, who will be...

Chivu's Toe Problem Could End Inter Journey

Chivu has reported to The Angelo Moratti Sport Center yesterday with the continuing toe problem that plagued him last season and forced him to have 2 surgeries on it. And while I am not Chivu's...


Ode to Antonio Cassano

It's official: Antonio Cassano will play for Parma next season. And good for him. Parma's a lovely city with perhaps the best Italian food north of Napoli, and we all know that's an important...

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

As we bask in the glow of our 16th Scudetto, I thought it might be nice to think about some of our favorite things. More specifically, my favorite Inter players. Now, I know they are all great in...

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