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A Valuable Learning Experience: Inter vs. Roma

via This loss hurts, but not as much as it could have. Obviously any loss is going to hurt when you’ve managed to go so far without one, but this one hurts primarily because we...


Inter 0 Roma 3 Crashing Back to Earth


Cagliari 1 Inter 1 Unlucky

Sussuolo vs Inter Review


7-0? Jesus almighty in Heaven. Never did I think I would see the day that this would happen, especially away from home.


Inter 1 Juventus 1 Progress

via It seemed a little early to have the Derby D' Italia in round 3 this season. With the team still getting its feet sorted out under Mazzarri some wondered if the fixture was...

Catania 0 – Inter 3; Good, Bad and Ugly


Sunday’s game exorcised some ghosts for this team. Catania was exactly the type of team that caused Inter trouble last season – strong midfield, good enough defense and a tricky forward. THE UGLY ...


10 Quick Thoughts on Inter-Catania

1. Jonathan. Here’s an intellectual exercise: Imagine it’s still late July. Inter seems to be in a state of uneasy flux, our signings so far have either been young players or free transfers, and...

Catania - Inter Lineups


INTER 1 Handanovic; 14 Campagnaro, 23 Ranocchia, 5 Juan Jesus; 2 Jonathan, 13 Guarin, 19 Cambiasso, 10 Kovacic, 55 Nagatomo; 11 Alvarez; 8 Palacio. Subs: 12 Castellazzi, 30 Carrizo, 6...

Catania v Inter Call ups and Preview


The contest with Genoa was a confidence booster and a chance to test playing The Mazzarri Way, whatever that means. There were some good things and some average things, but mostly, there weren’t...

Inter 2 – Genoa 0


The Word of the Day: Solid

Inter 2 – Udinese 5


Inter fold at home against an Udinese squad that has won 8 in a row 2-5.


Silver Linings Season Review: or 10 Reasons Not to

Well, it's over. 16 league defeats. 9th place finish. Dumped out of the Europa League. Half our squad on the DL. No European football next season. Second worst defensive record in the...

Milan v Inter: The Derby della Madonnina Preview


The first derby of the season finds both Inter and Milan at the beginning of a new cycle. Last season, Inter won both derbies though finished well below Milan. This season, Inter lead Milan by 5...


The Derby della Madonnina, AC Milan v Inter

The Milan derby is upon us. Just a short video to get us in the proper mood.

BBC's Night at the Opera: The Milan Derby


David Goldblat and John Foot take us to the Derby della Madonnina, January 2010. Relive the glory from an insider's point of view. Classic. Informative. Done with the pomp and circumstance that only the BBC can. Worth a listen.

Ti Te Dominet Milan


Ti Te Dominet Milan

Inter 2 - Fiorentina 1


Inter make their first victory at home after a rollicking first half that saw Inter score 2, concede 1, hit a crossbar and hit a point blank shot wide of net. Chances there were aplenty in a very...

The Curse is Broken! Inter 2-1 Fiorentina


We did it! We broke the curse of the San Zero! Inter get their first home win, and against a very good, organized Fiorentina. Things may be finally looking up for poor little Inter Milan.

Inter 0 - Siena 2


I know that this game is going to spawn a whole lot of negative comments and gnashing of teeth, but none of it's going to come from me. Why, because I am a homer? A superfan? A delusional fanatic...

Inter v Sampdoria: Can we record a clean sheet please...


Concentrate! Or else this is happen! Here's the Word of the DayConcentrate –verb (used with object) To bring or draw to a common center or point of...

Cagliari v Inter: Live Blog - Wait, this isn't Soccernet...


Wes said he wanted to score against Cagliari on his Facebook page. If we don't win, I'm blaming it on him! Serie A is back baby! and I couldn't be happier! OK, I've lied. I could be happier. If El...

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